Frequently asked questions



Is payment required to begin processing my order?

We require full payment at the moment of placing your order. Also we might be able to adapt other payment terms for big orders and recurring customers. If you require other payment terms, please get in contact with us.



What forms of payments are accepted?

Our standard payment option is bank wire. If you require other payment options, please get in contact with us.



How can I contact you?

Send us an email, use our contact form.


Do you provide Certificate Of Analysis (COA)?

Yes, they can be found in each product details or otherwise provided upon request.



Do you test for potency, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and residual solvents?

Yes, we put customer safety first. Through our quality processes we make sure that the purity, potency and overall quality of the CBD we produce meets the maximum standards. Our state-of-the-art laboratory uses High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to measure CBD levels in every batch. As another verification step, we validate our potency analysis through a third-party lab, who independently analyzes the CBD, ensuring that all our products are free of heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, residual solvents, and any microbiological contamination.